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I created the 4040 Challenge to celebrate my 40th on a high and to raise vital funds for two military charities - Walking With The Wounded and the Royal British Legion.

The challenge comprised of 40 unique missions to be completed in the 40 days before I turned 40 years old... whilst still doing my day job.

Each one was designed to push me mentally and/or physically and in the most, were 40 themed.

In total, I completed over 300 tasks in the time period. 

More importantly, I hit my fundraising target of £4,000 - not bad for 40 days hard work. 


The 40 Missions completed in 40 days

  1. Dive with sharks for at least 40 minutes

  2. Erect the largest building poppy in London, 40m high, courtesy of Jeffrey Archer

  3. 40 shuttle runs of Saracens Rugby pitch

  4. Swim 40 lengths of the London Olympic Pool

  5. Jump a total of 40m from the Olympic boards

  6. Ice climb a total of 40m

  7. Read a 40 year old novel - JAWS

  8. Watch a 40 year old film - Blazing Saddles

  9. Host a 40 question pub quiz

  10. Swim a total of 40m underwater, naked. oh er!

  11. Use 40 different modes of transport

  12. Cross the Thames, 40 different ways

  13. Try 40 different beers

  14. Travel at over 40mph, unassisted

  15. Climb a country high point

  16. Travel over 40,000 miles

  17. Eat 40 different foods/cuisines

  18. The Secret Mission, for my wife ;-)

  19. Make 40 cups of tea for the office

  20. Stand as a Toy Soldier statue in Covent Garden for 40 minutes

  21. Produce 40 unique photographs of the challenge

  22. Stair climb a 40 storey building - The Heron Tower

  23. Serve 40 Military pints for serving / former HM Forces

  24. Make a three course meal in 40 minutes

  25. Plant 40 poppies at the Tower Of London

  26. Taste 40 different cheeses in one sitting

  27. 40 minute SPIN session at 4,000m 

  28. Complete the Circle Line Pub Crawl

  29. Complete a 40 shot ping pong rally

  30. Learn to play 'The Last Post' on the keyboard. (Hardest of them all!)

  31. The MAC OFF - as many Big Macs as poss. in 40 minutes

  32. Place a £40 bet in a casino

  33. Visit 40 military sights / memorials in a day

  34. Try 40 different drinks

  35. 'Fly' a Jumbo Jet at 40,000ft

  36. Walking Home For Christmas, for Walking with the Wounded

  37. Travel at over 40 knots on a speedboat

  38. Feed 40 sharks and fish

  39. Learn 40 countries' location, flag and capital city

  40. Free climb a total of 40m